Review – PDW Takeout Basket

The Portland Design Works Takeout Basket is a svelte, easy to install handlebar basket that fits on nearly any bike. Unlike other handlebar baskets like the classic Wald handlebar basket, it does not require an additional support bracket or any struts attached to your bicycle fork.

In addition to durable and handsome steel basket, it comes with a removable waterproof¬†satchel ¬†that’s large enough for a sack lunch, spare clothes, or even a few groceries. In addition the basket is well-sized to hold a six-pack of beer or soda.

My favorite feature is the built in U-lock holster. I always struggle to find a good way to hold my bicycle lock, and the PDW Takeout Basket does it really well. (I added a velcro strap to keep the lock from bouncing around and making so much noise. I’ve found that a “mini” U-lock fits here best. But my full-sized lock fits as well. Because the weight of the lock is so far away from the Takeout Basket’s mounting clamps, the weight of a lock will cause your basket to droop if you don’t tighten the bolts securely enough.

Second best feature is definitely the welded-on 5mm nut that can be used to attach your bicycle light.

If you want to get really fancy, you can mount your dynamo light right to the Takeout Basket. But the easiest route is to attach a light mount like the Origin 8 Eyelet Stub or (if you must show off) the Gino light mount from Paul Components.

Mounting your headlight to the PDW Takeout Basket has two advantages:

  1. You probably lost some handlebar real estate when you attached the basket.
  2. This puts your light out in front of your basket’s contents so that your beam doesn’t get blocked by a bag of groceries.

Installation of the PDW Takeout Basket

The Portland Design Works Takeout Basket fits on any normal bicycle handlebar – even drop bars! It fits 25.4mm – 31.8mm handlebars through the use of included shims. It requires about one inch of handlebar real estate on either side of your threadless or quill stem. It does not require removal of your stem and installs with only four bolts!

Because installation is so easy, removal (ie: theft) is easy as well. On my own basket, I used 30mm M5 security bolts to held dissuade the casual thief. Be sure to order four of them!

To make the look even more slick I used some locking washers and stainless steel M5 cap nuts to protect my hands and basket contents from sharp edges. The final look is professional, secure, and theft-deterrent.


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