U-Lock Holsters For Bikes Without Racks

This post is a follow up to yesterday’s post about Front & Rear Bike Racks That Hold U-Locks. For those of you with track drop handlebars and handlebar mustaches, here’s a sweet list of U-lock holsters that can fit on bikes without racks or baskets.

1. CaseSmpl velcro U lock holster. It’s simple, durable and waterproof. It completely lacks sex appeal, which means people won’t steal your lock holster while your bike is locked up. I suppose that’s a good thing.


2. Artago seatpost mounted U lock bracket. This design has promise, but I’m not totally impressed. To hold the lock secure and prevent rattling, you simply turn a nob finger-tight. The weight of a U lock and a bumpy road quickly make the lock less secure and prone to slipping around in this bracket.


3. Huldit bike U lock holder. Like option #1, above, this simple nylon case attaches to your frame without style or pretense. On the upside, it’s lighter than similar choices. On the downside, you get less holster for roughly the same price. Nevertheless, the simple aesthetics give it the nod.


4. Oopsmark Leather Saddle-Mounted U lock Holster. I see – you’ve gone full hipster. It’s totally impractical. It’s not waterproof. It’s flashy enough that it makes thieves want to steal your saddle, seatpost, and your lock holster. But honestly, you know you wanna touch it for just a little bit.

5. Ortlieb U-Lock Holster. This holster attaches to the strap of your backpack, pannier, or messenger bag and securely holds you U-lock. On the other hand, if you’re already carrying a messenger bag, you could just put your lock inside of your bag. So, it doesn’t exactly solve your problem.

6. Tourbon Canvas & Leather U-lock Tote. You can attach this handy tote to your frame’s top-tube or a rear luggage rack for that rustic, army-surplus look that everyone loves. Available in many colors, as long as you want “drab.”

7. Dill Pickle Gear U-lock Holster. Similar to #6, above, this holster can attach to your frame or a luggage rack. It’s vinyl, so it’s exactly as waterproof and sexy as your shower curtain.


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