Bike Touring Coffee Solutions – Ultralight & Durable

I love backpacking and bike touring – especially when I have time to enjoy my morning coffee. Here’s a roundup of travel-oriented coffee makers for bike tour, bikepacking, backpacking, and all of your other overnight adventures.

Travel French Press Coffee Makers

French press coffee provides a tactile ritual that instant coffee can never touch. Unfortunately, the french press device itself is often bulky, heavy, and single use. Bubble size indicates french press capacity.

Jetboil Coffee Press. (0.8 oz.; $10; french press)
The lightest french press option is a bit deceptive about its weight and price. This press only works with a Jetboil stove and pot. Nevertheless, the whole Jetboil system is pretty slick. If you’re going to carry a Jetboil to cook your food anyway, you should definitely get the french press attachment!

MSR WindBurner Coffee Press. (1.3 oz.; $20; french press)
Much like the Jetboil press above, this guy requires the MSR WindBurner stove system. Conveniently, MSR makes the coffee press to match multiple sizes of WindBurner and Reactor pots, including 1.0L, 1.7L, and 1.8L.

Primus LiTech Coffee Press. (2.2 oz.; $14; french press)
Similar to the MSR and Jetboil options above, this unit requires a matching Primus LiTech cookpot. But thankfully, Primus does not hold you hostage when it comes to your stove. The LiTech cookpot can work on any campstove. It’ll cook your coffee in the morning and your soup in the evening, and it’s only $41 for the whole kit.

Press-Bot Coffee Press. (2.4 oz.; $26; french press)
A french press for your wide-mouth Nalgene water bottle, so it can make up to 1 Liter at a time. On the downside, that means you have to carry a bulky water bottle that doesn’t fit in your bottle cage unless you get the Velo Orange Mojave 1L bottle cage.

Snow Peak Titanium French Press. (6.3 oz.; $56; french press)
This Japanese made titanium wonder is steeped in sex appeal. Unlike the other ultralight french press options on this page, it doesn’t require a specific stove or pot. Heck, you don’t even need a stove, you can put this titanium pot on top of the campfire and boil water for your morning coffee. For complete nerd-cred, get the matching titanium latte foamer kit.

GSI Outdoors Commuter Java Press. (9.6 oz.; $26; french press)
Unlike the other french press options reviewed so far, this guy can fit in a bicycle water bottle cage. It also has a less favorable weight/capacity ratio. But if you like to drink french press coffee as you pedal down the road, this could be the right press for you.

Bodum Insulated Plastic Travel French Press. (10.4 oz.; $29; french press)
Similar to the GSI option above, but slightly heavier. But it’s often on discount and it has the same Bodum branding as the french press you keep at home. It’s important to have your kit match, right?

Espro Coffee Travel Press. (12.2 oz.; $29; french press)
Just in case you must defend your coffee against violent attack, this kickstarter darling is made from stainless steel. It’ll fit into your bottle cage, which is nice, but it’s weight/capacity ratio makes it generally impractical for the weight conscious bike tourist.

GSI Outdoors JavaPress. (10.3 oz.; $33; french press)
There’s no way you’re fitting this monster into your bottle cage. But it’s great for sharing with a friend, and it’s weight/capacity ratio is quite favorable.



Travel Coffee Infusers & Pour-Over Coffee Makers

Infusers and Pour-Over coffee makers lack the ritual of the french press, but are cheaper, lighter, and less bulky. Because the only real capacity limit is the size of your destination cup, these options are all listed with the same capacity.

MSR MugMate Coffee Filter. (1.0 oz.; $17; infuser)
Like most MSR products, this infuser is not flashy. But it’s stupid easy to use, inexpensive, and light. You can also use it to make loose leaf tea. On the downside you can only make one cup of coffee at a time – not great if you like to share a pot of coffee with a friend.

GSI Outdoors H2JO! Percolator. (1.7 oz.; $13; infuser)
This handy infuser screws onto your wide-mouth Nalgene water bottle, so it can make up to 1 Liter at a time. On the downside, that means you have to carry a bulky water bottle that doesn’t fit in your bottle cage unless you get the Velo Orange Mojave 1L bottle cage.

SOTO Outdoors Helix Coffee Maker. (1.5 oz.; $20; pour-over with filter)
It’s like a slinky for your morning coffee! Lightweight and entirely stainless steel. The only downside is that you must carry #2 paper coffee filters. Surprisingly fun for a coffee maker.

Ziggy V Collapsible Coffee Dripper. (2.4 oz.; $9; pour-over with filter)
Similar to the SOTO filter, but made from silicone. Heavier and cheaper. Requires #2 or #4 paper cone filters.

GSI Outdoors Collapsible Java Drip. (4.8 oz.; $13; pour-over with filter)
This guy is slightly easier to keep clean than the Ziggy V model, but it comes with a weight penalty. Requires #4 paper cone filter. Nothxbye.

Snow Peak Folding Coffee Drip. (4.9 oz.; $30; pour-over with filter)
I’m normally a huge fan of Snow Peak’s titanium kitchenware. But this gizmo is made from aluminum and stainless. The weight penalty for all that metal is just too steep. The Soto springy coffee maker is just better in every way.

MontBell O.D. Compact Dripper 2. (0.1 oz.; $21; pour-over NO filter)
Now this is the ultralight travel maker. MontBell shows that this filter requires two chopsticks to use, but it would also work fine with tent stakes or twigs. This thing is so lightweight, it’s pretty incredible. They also make a larger version. BEST BUY!

Primula Coffee Brew Buddy. (1.6 oz.; $16; pour-over NO filter)
This handy pour-over looks a lot like the MSR MugMate, but it collapses down smaller for carrying and is designed for pour-over. Does not require a paper filter!

Sea to Summit X-Brew Coffee Dripper. (2.9 oz.; $18; pour-over NO filter)
I’m a big fan of this pour-over. It’s very similar to the GSI model above, but does not require a paper filter! Simple to use and simple to clean.



Well, that’s it – I think. Did I miss your favorite travel coffee solution? Do you have experience with any of these coffee makers? Let us know!


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