Statistical Analysis of Mike Jones Rap Lyrics

In a departure from bike-related content, today we take a deep dive into a statistical analysis of the lyrical content of the Houston based hip-hop artist Mike Jones.

Fans of Mike Jones already understand that – in a rap industry known for touting and self aggrandizing – Mike Jones likes to discuss Mike Jones. A lot. After binging on Mike Jones on Spotify one afternoon, I decided to analyze just how often Mike Jones talks about Mike Jones.


I analyzed the five most popular Mike Jones songs on Spotify, plus the song “Mr. Jones.”

Next, I removed articles, passive verbs, tense indicators, and other non-interesting parts of English speech. The complete list of words I removed is:

a, am, an, and, as, at, be, but, by, can, can’t, did, didn’t, do, don’t, for, from, had, have, if, in, is, it, its, of, on, or, out, outta, than, that, that, that’s, then, there, these, this, to, too, was, wasn’t, what, when, whenever, where, while, who, why.


After crunching the numbers for the six songs listed above, we see that Mike Jones likes to talk about himself in the first person, more than the third person. “I, I’ll, and I’m” are 12.7% of Mike Jones lyrical content. Surprisingly, the third person is less common “Mike” being 2.2% of content, and Jones being 2.7% of content.

But the Rims

Mike Jones has a few favorite topics. First is obviously Mike Jones. But he pays particular attention to rims and tires: “four/fours”, “vogues”, and “wrapped” comprise 8.6% of Mike Jones lyrics.

Finally, because Mr. Jones favors himself to be a ladies man, “hoe/hoes”, “bitch/bitches”, “girls/girlies”, and “pimpin” combined account for 7.0% of content.

To see the full list of Mike Jones Lyrical analyses, click here.


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