Titanium Water Bottle Cage Comparison

There are many advantages to titanium water bottle cages. They offer incredible durability, corrosion resistance, and featherweight good looks.

There are only few main manufacturers of “name brand” titanium bottle cages, including King Cage, Specialized, and Blackburn. There are also a number of generic options available online that cost less, but weigh more.

Although King Cage is by far the best known manufacturer of titanium bicycle water bottle cages, it seems difficult to justify their price. Although they are about $10 more expensive than the Blackburn Swerve, they are actually heavier. Still, King Cage has its devoted followers who will tell you that it retains water bottles better on bumpy roads or while mountain biking. For our money, however, it’s just not worth it. King Cage also markets a similar cage made from steel, weighing twice as much. Make sure to use a magnet and scale to test you got the ti version! (King Cage Titanium Bottle Holder, 27g, $59.99)


For my money, the Blackburn Swerve offers the best combination of weight, price, and looks. But be warned, the first generation of this product was heavier, weighing in at nearly 45 grams, and lacking the cutouts in the back plate. If weight is important to you, make sure you get the newer version with additional cut out holes in the back. Blackburn also markets a similar cage made from steel, weighing twice as much. Make sure to use a magnet and scale to test you got the ti version!  (Blackburn Swerve Titanium, 26g, $49.45)


Many different generic manufacturers market low-cost, low-weight titanium water bottle cages. These cages are marketed under many different names, but they all share the same basic construction and design – with some real flaws. To cut costs, these cages have very little welding (titanium welding is very laborious and expensive). That makes them less durable. They are also plagued with quality inconsistencies and overly-optimistic list weights. Nevertheless, even if the list weight of “about 30” grams is incorrect, the price may make it an attractive option. (Generic Titanium Bottle Cage, “about 30g,” $29.99)

Finally, Specialized makes/made a Titanium version of their E-Cage water bottle holder. It appears that Specialized is discontinuing this product and it is currently marked down to only $25.99 – an incredible deal while it lasts. (Specialized E-Cage Titanium, 32g, $25.99)


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